Wednesday 26 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 8 (final)

This is it, the last part (close enough).

Doors are mounted, and glued in place, it took me a long time to decide on whether I wanted to set it up to have the doors open with characters around it in a diorama or just the vehicle, in the end I decided just the vehicle would do given this model started out as something for me to learn a bit more a bout building and learn everything about painting and weathering.

Also finally mounted the rear canvas part. still missing the storage boxes in the rear.

Finally added the rear storage boxes, just visible in this pic.

Underneath could probably do with more work but this will do.

After applying a bit more of the pigment I decided to seal it all in with some Tamiya Flat Clear from a spray can and it seems to have come out a little shinier then I wanted to :-(

I should have also masked the windscreen a bit as it looks a bit to foggy now. Live and learn.

I'm going to have to give this another dusting with the airbrush flat clear just to take a little bit of the shine of it but will do that next time I break out the airbrush on the next model.

For now it's done and there were lots of lessons learnt and lots of things I think I could have done better and will hopefully do better next time.

Can't wait to get stuck into the next model.

Until then.

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 7

Round 7 - home stretch (maybe)

Started looking at all the other little bits and pieces that I'd over looked or tried to ignore during the build (probably because they looked to fiddly) and started putting the front bumper and rear hitch together.

While those were drying I went back and had to revisit the canvas bits with some pigments (mostly the AK Sienna, with a tiny bit of the AK North Africa Dust just to break it up) to try and take the shine out of it and lighten it up. I think it's working better.

While I was at it I did a put on a bit more pigment here and there because I could.

Time to get stuck into the doors and bumper, some Tamiya Black Panel Line to bring out some detail I also like using it to give the whole thing a bit more of a lived in look (not sure it's what I should be doing but I like the effect).

Also applied a bit of the chipping effect same as before with a bit of open cell foam picked apart to get a small contact patch and then dabbed in the Tamiya Light Gray and most dabbed on to a paper towel before hitting the panels with it while rotating it to vary the patterns.

So close...

Until next time.

Monday 24 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 6

Model On!

Another step closer wheels are now glued on and it's really starting to come to life.

Did a little bit of chipping effect using a little piece of open cell foam dipped in paint (I picked a Tamiya XF-66 Light Grey) then (mostly) dried on a paper towel and then dabbed onto model in select areas.

It looked a bit funny as I was applying it when wet but once dried it I thought it actually worked pretty well.

A bit more chipping effect underneath where things might rub, might have under done it like the dry brushing but I was afraid of getting to carried away and over doing it.

Since I was going for a North Africa dessert theme I decided the window frames looked a little warm for the area so I decided to cut the frames off the windows to match some of the reference photos I'd seen online.

This ended up being easier then expected, not sure of the story behind how these came to be different whether it was a field modification or factory option :-).

Once the frames were cut I had to refinish off the cut area with paint and left it drying.

Had to try something I'd seen on other models online and try to get the windscreen wiper effect so made up some masking tape masks for the swing of the wipers and then applied a very light dusting of the Tamiya XF-57 Buff paint colour. This is the result, which I'm fairly happy with.

Also at the point the The body became one with the rest of the vehicle. Now I want to rush it and finish :-).

That's about enough for this update getting so close can't wait to get more done on it.

Until next time.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 5

Continuing on from last time the rust on the exhaust was really bothering me so had to have another go at fixing it and this time I tried a different approach of painting a thin layer of the fixer on the exhaust roughly where I wanted the rust and then dabbing on some of the AK Track Rust pigment and finally it look much better at least to me. Maybe slightly over done but it's taken a few goes, hopefully next time will be better.

Got stuck into the body of the truck with the black panel line and applied the decal which I probably should have done before gluing the hatch down but you live and learn.

More decals on the front clip. Front clip, floor pan and chassis are also now one assembly.

Applying a bit of weathering to the seats plus some AK North Africa Dust and Sienna pigments to the model really like the effect the 2 tones have built up in the corners and the checker plate sections of the chassis.

The canvas section on the roof look a little to shiny for canvas will need to do something to knock those back. Not sure what yet but it's not that impressive to me.

Applied some more dust to the wheel and body as well. And starting to not look like plastic. Except for the canvas pieces :-). They're going to need more work.

Did a little dry brushing and I'm not confident with the technique so erred on the side of caution and not done as much as I probably should have but it has a few highlights that I quite like.

So that will do for another update, have to see what to add next, the decals are looking a little to pristine to be real so they will need something done to them, not sure what yet.

Until next time.

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 4

Time for more detailing and weathering. This time with some Tamiya Panel Line Black, Again started on the radiator as it wouldn't be seen in the model, and was interesting to use so started doing some more bits and pieces and eventually got a first pass on and the model really started to come to life the uniform colour started changing and there was more detail all of a sudden. Loving this.

Tried to have another crack at the rust effect this time with AK Track Rust pigment and mixed with a fixer and painted on and the effect was underwhelming to say the least. Probably did something wrong there. But will have another go at some point.

After applying the black panel line to chassis, front clip and floor pan, another dry test fit was in order and the Chesterfield Lounge like finish on the seats had to go, I can't imagine the trucks would have been that luxurious looking and another search online supplied some images showing some light sandy yellow coloured seats.

So Tamiya XF-57 Buff came to the rescue, this seems to fit so much better. Just some more weathering to go after the paint dries.

Things are starting to interesting now can't wait to see more details come to life with the weathering still to come.

Until next time.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 3

Time to paint some of the different coloured parts of the chassis.

Painted the radiator core flat black although it will never get seen in this model it was handy practice after my effort with the tyres.

Not sure the "mud" flaps are meant to be black or weather they were sheet metal based but I chose rubber based.

Next with the black went for the gear shift, gearbox controls and winch control knobs. Because they have to be a colour and I haven't any reference photos that would indicate otherwise.

According to the manual the instrument cluster need a black coating for the speedometer background. Still need more practice staying withing the boundaries, need to come back to this.

Wasn't sure what colour to make the seats and went for a brown not sure I'm completely happy here but see what happens.

Another dry fit to see progress, wheels fitted first.

Then rest of floor pan, front clip and body. It's starting to come together, still not sure about the seat colour.

Tried some Lifecolor Tensocrom Active Surface Agents Set 1 with the Rust washes on the exhaust system, came out a little to even for my liking, not sure if I used it right or not, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

I Also tried out the Oil wash from Lifecolor Tensocrom Active Surface Agents Set 2, which looked ok.

More experimentation ahead.

Until next time.

Friday 30 November 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 2

In the last post I managed to get together the majority of the parts into 4 main assemblies. This was about as much as I thought I could do before I couldn't get into to spots to paint.

Next step was to prep everything for paint. As well as the 4 assemblies, there are still lots of loose pieces that needed to be painted.

Some I mounted up on skewers and the rest that required a good paint finish on both sides I use some tape loops and stuck them down to the back of the kit box. Once mounted I sprayed one side with the primer and after it dried for a while I flipped them over and did the other side.

I had been a bit worried about the whole painting thing but once I'd loaded up the air brush with the mig ammo One Shot Primer Grey, held my breath and went to town,

I was amazed it all worked relatively well and even more amazed how much the single colour actually brought everything together.

Once that dried and after a week or so of umming and ahing about the over all theme for the kit, North African dessert scheme or European scheme (its all about the big decisions) I pulled the trigger (literally) on a Tamiya Dessert Yellow (XF-59) for the base coat.

Pretty happy with the base colour choice.

Looks like I need a steadier hand (or less coffee) to do the fine detail work and not go over the line :-) when painting next to other colours. Will need to fix this later.

Start working on some detail next time see what happens after that.

Until then.

Sunday 25 November 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 1

It's been a long time since I build a plastic model kit and never did any more then just glue one together in the past. 

Hopefully I can practice some painting, finishing and weathering techniques on this one working towards building some other kits stored up over the years.

Started off with the chassis and wasn't really sure where to draw the like of assembly to painting but decided to get a fair way into the chassis before hitting it with paint.

 For what was meant to be a learning kit it's got a lot (and I mean a lot) of bits in it, so much detail.

Looking at the assembly manual it looked like the kit could be build in modular parts, I started building a few bits in parallel. Chassis, Cabin floor pan, Main body and front end. This was great as it gave me something else to do while waiting for bits to dry or to keep the interest up.

Had to get a quick feel for what it was going to look like and did a bit of a dry assembly test also to make sure everything still fitted together as expected.

Test fitting the front clip onto the floor pan.

At this point I think it might be time for paint before to much more gets added in and becomes harder to paint. That's for the next installment.

Until then.