Saturday 26 October 2019

Ma.K. 35 Gacha-nen Heindrich. Part 2

So more detail work in this part. Since the theme is Rescue and Recovery I tried to make the the snorkle have a bit of a search light look, not sure what it's really meant to be.

Adding a little bit of detail to the arms and make the movable joints look a little more flexible, not sure exactly what I was going for here but thought maybe a rubberised finish would work, so ended up using a gunmetal color and the whole thing will get a Tamiya Matt Clear coat over the top to knock the shiny down.

Time to give the claws a bit of attention and paint some bits in the Chrome Silver to go with the rest of the suit.

Next was time to fit the back of the seat and headreast which I'd painted a few shade of brown to make it look a bit more lived in and warn.

As well as giving the whole thing a nice coating of Tamiya Flat Clear XF-86 and knock that shine off the suit.

Applied some decals next and didn't like how plain the console was so added a bit of colour to it as well as painted the chest piece just below the panel in a gunmetal. It was time for some Black Panel Line to highlight some of the panels and corners and then another light coat of the Flat Clear.

Next step was was to add some chipping effects to give the whole thing a more used and abused "vibe", I did this using some open cell foam from some packaging and just ripped a piece off a larger piece and dabbed the rough end in some gray paint and dried most off on a paperl towel before stippling the foam around the suit specially around the area of greater use that would get bashed around. Could probably do with a bit more but it will do.

After that the glass panels needed to go on, but given that the suit was well used the glass needed to match and not be brand new, so I attacked it with some 6000 grit God Hand sanding sponge and then some 4000, until the desired effect appeared.

That seems to have wrapped up most of it and for some reason I got the idea of mounting it on some sort of base and though maybe a planet surface ended up looking at Thingiverse and found something to play with lets see how that works out in the next post.

Until then..

Saturday 12 October 2019

Ma.K. 35 Gacha-nen Heindrich. Part 1

I was pleasently surprised with these little black balls that I'd seen on the counter at the local hobby shop for a long time and one day finally though I'd give one a try thinking this is going to be 10-15 part kit go together in no time and just end up sitting on the bench as a bit of decoration. But no, there is quite a lot of detail and scope for experimenting and building, these are great value for money in my opinion.

I couldn't wait to get stuck into the kit so ended up puting together a couple of bits before seting this up for the photo. There is a suprising amount of parts trees squeezed in to these.

I decided to take a slightly different approach to the last one and under coat and paint some of the parts on the parts trees.

I decided on a slightly different theme and went for a old used and abused Rescue and Recory suit theme and needed and orange and a bright silver for the high vis parts. I looked at the stocks and didn't really have a nice orange shade to use so I ended up mixing Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 and Tamiya Chrome Silver X-11 together and came out like this.

The orange was probably a little darker then I thought I wanted, but I do love the shade it ended up being so it will do nicely.

Next bit was the bust, never painted anything with somuch detail and so small, so it was a matter of just giving it a go, I just picked some colours that I had and seemd to work ok together and made the best of it.

The eyes were incredibly hard to do and ended up looking a bit wonky when you look at under a close up photo like this in reality it's very hard to notice how wonky it really is so, it will do. To do the eyeballs ended up having to use the pointy end of a toothpick to get something that small.

Ended up using a bit of the Tamiya Black Panel Line to give the clothing and helmet a bit of depth as well as some dry brushing to bring out some highlights, might have under done those.

Next time will have a bit of outside of the suit.

Until then.