Sunday 3 November 2019

Ma.K. 35 Gacha-nen Heindrich. Part 3 (final)

So thingiverse is an awesome resource for things and I thought I'd give printing and painting something a shot just for the hell of it.

This is a model of the moon designed to be a paperweight, the model can be obtained here.

The print out came out pretty good so I though I'd hit it with some under coat which really highlighted every single layer line like it was printed at 1mm layer height instead of the 0.3mm that I used.

So it was back to the drawing board and I googled around and stumbled on some youtube channels using spray on putty for car repairs so I thought I might give it a go on this.

The spray on putty worked really well with about 5 coats applied, the stuff is pretty toxic as can be seen by the styrofoam base I was using to hold the part during painting which melted where the putty hit it.

There were still some lines but was much more acceptable and so it was time to paint again with the gray primer and the result was a lot better.

Using some reference photos in google image search and a couple of different shades of gray the base colours were applied followed by some Tamiya Flat Clear followed by some dry brushing to bring out some highlights on the edges of the craters.

So that was it for now. Not sure the moon thing worked bit of a comedic/comic scaled moon but slightly better then having it just sit on the shelf.

And for a bit of fun messed about with a program on the iPad to remove the background and super impose it on a different one.

This little models are awesome to build and already have some more in the stash ready for some more fun later.

Until the next one.