Friday 30 November 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 2

In the last post I managed to get together the majority of the parts into 4 main assemblies. This was about as much as I thought I could do before I couldn't get into to spots to paint.

Next step was to prep everything for paint. As well as the 4 assemblies, there are still lots of loose pieces that needed to be painted.

Some I mounted up on skewers and the rest that required a good paint finish on both sides I use some tape loops and stuck them down to the back of the kit box. Once mounted I sprayed one side with the primer and after it dried for a while I flipped them over and did the other side.

I had been a bit worried about the whole painting thing but once I'd loaded up the air brush with the mig ammo One Shot Primer Grey, held my breath and went to town,

I was amazed it all worked relatively well and even more amazed how much the single colour actually brought everything together.

Once that dried and after a week or so of umming and ahing about the over all theme for the kit, North African dessert scheme or European scheme (its all about the big decisions) I pulled the trigger (literally) on a Tamiya Dessert Yellow (XF-59) for the base coat.

Pretty happy with the base colour choice.

Looks like I need a steadier hand (or less coffee) to do the fine detail work and not go over the line :-) when painting next to other colours. Will need to fix this later.

Start working on some detail next time see what happens after that.

Until then.

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