Thursday 26 November 2015

Graffiti and Weddings don't normally mix but....

Hosier Lane and likely many of Melbournes other graffiti covered lanes are not only a playground for tourists and photographers alike but have also become a very sought after location for wedding photographers.

Pretty much any weekend day if you hang around for a couple of hours you will come across a wedding photo shoot in there.

Quiet interesting to see the different styles of weddings and photographers that show up and direct the shoots, some are super organised with an entourage of assistants multiple shooters and tons of equipment and take over the place directing the public to stay out of their shots.

Others turn up with 2 photographers a couple of cameras and get it all done with minimal apparent effort and no interfering with the general public.

The cool thing from an enthusiastic amateur photographer point of view is that it adds a whole other side to taking photos in places like this and gives you willing subjects and situations which you can try out different kinds of photography that is perhaps outside of your normal style.

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