Thursday 24 September 2015

Harden the F*** Up

After having purchased a Bower 7.5mm lens for the my E-P5 over 9 months ago and having used it once and been put off by the lack of auto-focus, last weekend I decided it was time to take a spoonful of concrete and just get out there with it.

I had just found out about he Maryborough Wings and Wheels event ( so on Saturday I decided to bolt the 7.5mm lens onto the EM-1, setup focus peaking on/off on Fn2 and with that done I was all ready to go for a relaxed Sunday drive in the country.

So arriving late morning armed with the fully charged battery and empty memory card I started out slowly playing with focus and focus peaking trying to get used to things and after a bit of zooming in as far as possible while reviewing the initial images, I pretty soon worked out that I could leave the focus set in between the 0.25m and infinity everything in the image would be sharp at F11 at a distances I like to shoot and can get close to the subject.

de Havilland Vampire
This Vampire jet image was from the first few shots I took, and it came out as I'd hoped. After those first few shots I started to get more comfortable and started enjoying the event and taking photos more.
Cobra Engine bay
One of the main benefits of this lens and camera combo is how light it is compared to a more conventional DSLR, which meant walking around with it in hand for hourws wasn't an issue even taking a few photos just holding the camera out above the cars to get different angles.

Selfie reflection in Jaguar grill
After biting the bullet and just getting on with it, I have discovered new confidence in this lens and can't wait to get back out there with it. Over all I'm really impressed with the quality of the images produced by this little lens, for the money it's amazing value if you have a need for a fish-eye lens.
Ford Falcon 351 GT

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