Tuesday 4 December 2018

Chevy Gun Tractor by Italeri - Part 3

Time to paint some of the different coloured parts of the chassis.

Painted the radiator core flat black although it will never get seen in this model it was handy practice after my effort with the tyres.

Not sure the "mud" flaps are meant to be black or weather they were sheet metal based but I chose rubber based.

Next with the black went for the gear shift, gearbox controls and winch control knobs. Because they have to be a colour and I haven't any reference photos that would indicate otherwise.

According to the manual the instrument cluster need a black coating for the speedometer background. Still need more practice staying withing the boundaries, need to come back to this.

Wasn't sure what colour to make the seats and went for a brown not sure I'm completely happy here but see what happens.

Another dry fit to see progress, wheels fitted first.

Then rest of floor pan, front clip and body. It's starting to come together, still not sure about the seat colour.

Tried some Lifecolor Tensocrom Active Surface Agents Set 1 with the Rust washes on the exhaust system, came out a little to even for my liking, not sure if I used it right or not, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

I Also tried out the Oil wash from Lifecolor Tensocrom Active Surface Agents Set 2, which looked ok.

More experimentation ahead.

Until next time.

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