Thursday 15 January 2015

New beginnings

Earlier this year I decided to give a year long photographic project a go, unlikely to finish it but should be an interesting learning experience. The project is The B&W Project on Google+, the aim is to take 26 photos in Black & White on a theme announced 2 weeks before the due date of the images.

The first theme was "New Beginnings" the aim to post an image which would explain a goal that you could work on during the year long project. I chose the following image:

New Beginnings

I have always wanted to try liquid, splash, droplet, etc photography, and I have always had an aversion to using flashes or artificial light in photos mainly due to seeing it as a huge, scary, nasty beast. So this was a good opportunity to try a couple of things I had never done and hopefully learn something new. It's much easier to learn something you already know.

Lets see what the second challenge brings and what I manage to get done....

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