Sunday 30 May 2010

The future of RC power, is it Hydrogen?

Some interesting developments in Hydrogen fuel cells have now lead to this impressive bit of kit. Even more impressive is that this one is made for the 416  (checking out price and availability).

Looks quite interesting according to the marketing blurb it can run the car for 60 minutes without any loss in performance, so can you do a whole race day on only one charge of Hydrogen without any noticeable performance drop?

The other question it leads to is that it still requires a battery to begin the hydrogen to electric process, how much of this battery gets used during the racing and does it impact on the performance of the car?

It also looks a little cumbersome and weighty (890grams with battery) which with the 415 and normal bits and pieces might drag it well over the 1425 gram minimum weight limit for normal touring cars.

Will be very interesting to test it out and put a data logger on there to put out some real figures on what it can go.

Check out the site for some more pics and info on this and other Fuel Cell products they have.

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