Tuesday 17 March 2009

More Velodrome Mayhem

Another casualty of the need for speed was this Himoto buggy conversion this one belongs to another high speed enthusiast.

The conversion used a Kyosho motor mount which required the chassis screw holes to be widened 1mm and some shims placed under the motor mount to make it match the height of the other bulkhead.

The normal Himoto center diff has been replaced with a center shaft from a Kyosho Inferno GT was also used with a hub carrier from an old electric pan car used as the spur holder.

The buggy was running with foam tyres which were the only ones able to hold together long enough for some fun.

You can see the 10AWG wire used for everything and in the background the battery adapter which was used to connect the 2 x 3S Lipo packs together in series to give 6S voltage to run the buggy. The more observant of you out there can see that the adapter has melted completely off the wiring and is a tad scorched.

The Buggy was running incredibly well and had so much power it required a small front winglet to keep the car on the track.

Here is a close up of the speed controller after the smoke and the flames escaped. It was all going so well until then. DOH!!!!

Stay tuned for more high speed adventures, until then here is something to check out.

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