Tuesday 31 May 2005

Reedy Race – done

This has to be one of the best races in the world, the organisation was great and the racing in invitational class was even better. Spec and Open mod wasn’t to bad either but Invitational is where it was at.

All 32 invitational races were amazing, the racing action was awesome and I cant wait to get a copy of the DVD’s to watch it all again. The no-one way rule makes for some really close racing and great driving. As someone else said “This is the only R/C race that would be worth televising.”

My race was more uneventful, because of the qualifying method you need to get at least 2 really good clean runs otherwise dont bother, it makes it hard to get a good position. Allthough it does reward consistancy which is a good thing.

I managed to get 2 good runs in but dumped on both, was taken out in another by a randomly moving car and took myself out in another qualifier. Mental note get new batteries before next years race.

The RP30 control tyres weren’t to bad although the general consensus was that they were a single run tyre and it was all downhill after that. The teching worked very well and everything was checked cells, motors (spec class), bodies and tyres.

All in all a great experience and incredible to watch such close racing.

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