Wednesday 29 December 2010

HobbyKing GoKart Driving Impressions

Well finally been able to edit the video and post it online, unfortunately the first and only videoed outing was in a car park where the grip and surface just didn’t do the GoKart justice.

As can be seen it’s a bit of a handful in corners but as it later turns out this was mainly due to the surface.

After this outing I did run it at the Bendigo RC Track which is quite high grip and the handling of the GoKart was transformed, instead of being really loose in the rear it actually under-steered a little and I found myself wishing for more steering, which is the opposite of the first outing.

The extra grip on the track really allowed the rear tyres to work and push the GoKart along very nicely, I think after a few runs you could actually get a setup for these that would allow you to race them quite competitively in a class, which would look awesome.

The only downside of running it on the track was that the steering servo gave up in the end and stripped the gears I’ll be replacing it with this little gem Turnigy MG959 Alloy Digital Metal Gear Servo its way over kill but it’s alloy and blingy, pitty it’s not in the Turnigy orange colour of the out runner motors.

Overall this GoKart is awesome value for money and could be quite and interesting car for it’s own class.

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