Friday 27 May 2005

Reedy 2005 Day 1

But there you go, today was the day and it was only a practice day, there are 4 rounds of practice and there are 22 races per round including the invitational, no double entries.

Basically you have a total of 21 * 8 minutes between runs, which is 2 hours and 48 minutes, I though our nationals were bad.

It does give you plenty of time work on your car, drive out and go to Starbucks 😉 or get lunch, plenty of time to look around all though being practice there isn’t much to see. You can also catch up on some sleep or the latest Stephen King novel. Actually there is plenty of time to do all of the above in between each of your races ;-). Saturday and Sunday should be a bit better as the Invitational class is head to head racing from the start so that should be fun.

So far the hottest lap times have been set by Surikarn 13.0 and Marc Reinhard with a 13.1, looking like an interesting race for the weekend.

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